This fucking idiot, These fucks are starting to really get on my nerves, the older ones! What a fucking bunch of retards these men are. Do they actually think girls this age, who theytell them they are 25 when they are actually 43 that they are still going to have sex?? What the fuck?

Stuttering pedophile wants to have anal sex with a 13 year old. 25 years old.

This guy on dlnbc is a real dumshit despite that he teaches at a trade school.

Pastor sex offender failed to register as a sex offender. From a story I read about sex offenders in prison, they all tend to become real religious and carry around their bibles in prison to show how repentant they became.

Justice overrules sex offender legislation, news story about Georgia law.

Man and woman parents of a 18 month old girl. The child was taken from them both because of a child sex crime that the father committed about 12 years ago. Insane story the father and mother were not even evaluated.

A man makes a reply to the above story. Sympathetic to the parents.

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