This guy produces a bunch of news room like commentaries on sex offender news stories and the way in which the media news networks are missive about facts, statistics, and use emotionally charged words and citizen comments to exploit a sex offender who has moved into the area, or has been housed someplace or planned to be housed. His organization is called so-clear-media productions, I think the SO is short for sex offender but I am not sure.

Good report by 20/20 john Stossel on the problems raised by sex offender laws, also a good background presented. It includes scientific studies and how teenagers who have consensual sex are forced to register. Some kids who slapped a girl on the but, they were locked up for 5 days, and threatened with going to jail till he was 25! Just for garden variety but slapping as was so common when I was in elementary school. I never did it because I never considered myself cool enough. Also a story about a man murdered an 18 year old kid who had sex with a 14 year old consensual sex, and was murdered by a vigilante. They have a couple on too.

20/2017 year old kid has sex with his 15 year old girl friend. The sexually cock blockative father gets violent. Sexually possessive dads are scum. A girl goes with the guys daddy hates because daughters to not want their dads they want a new man in their life so grow the fuck up dipshit fathers.

20/20 double standard in sex offender designation of women with boys vs men with girls.

17 year year old gets 10 years for consensual oral sex.

20/20 Brian ross discusses the problems with datelines ‘to catch a predator’ in going to far and entrapping the suspects so that the D.A. cannot prosectute the men.

Jessical lundsfords brother is charged with sexual molestation of a minor. 18 year old with 14 year old, consensual. This kids father Mark lundsford is the one that worked so damb hard to get laws passed that would criminalize this type of contact between 18 year olds and under 18 year old. Mark lundsford changed his story real quick for his son now. He sais now that it is “Romeo and JUlliet” not some 36 year old stalking children.” The idiot just realized this obvious fact after his own son gets popped for it! By the way his son was spared the registration his fathers efforts would normally make mandatory, by some legal maneuvering I suppose, I note this only because that’s what is said in the editors commentary.

Jessica Lundsfords father wanted to sue the sherrif for not searching the pedophile murderers home next door, this is based on the statement of the killer that if deputies had searched his home they would have found her hidingin his closet. I have to give props to jessicas father for his efforts, but I am still against the criminalization of teen sex, at least as far as it is made out to be a “registerable sex offense” because this registery is based upon the assumption that the so called crime in question is indicative of a likely hood of re-offense and that society needs to be protected by the constant supervision of police and more recently that citizens will benefit from knowing where these people live. I see nothing in teen sex per se that would lead any rational person to believe the purely mechanical passive of such a threshold such as an 18 year old with a 15 year old indicates such a threat.

This video is really just a funny as hell rap spoof on bill Clinton Man it is funny!