A police officer gets nabbed on dateline and also a registered sex offender on the meganslaw The policeman gets tazed and really screams a lot.

This is a hilarious spoof on to catch a predator, they had me going at first!

A san Francisco doctor gets caught up on dateline . He is also a research scientist for a pharmaceutical company. Obviously not an idiot, hes 48, not good looking but used his doctor status (put it in his on line name) to impress. He also admits some really stupid things after he was mirandized.

Pedophile advocate, writes books about molesting children and wants to do away with law against sex with children. He is very defiant towards the news reporter who shows no fear either. <,br>
More dateline a minister gets caught.

Here is a Canadian to catch a predator show. I am getting sick of these shows by now, these men at least the ones older than 30 really irritate me with all of there crap. For some reason I feel some sympathy for the younger 20 somethings as long as the girls are supposed to be 15 or older, I guess that’s because the dynamics involved are not so blatantly absurd, but they are still absurd in the legal sense. None of the men in this show were arrested because the police declined to participate.

A dateline predator sais sex with a 13 year old would be “the cleanest best pleasure” Hes not that old, just a kid, but the girl is only 13.

Man realizes the cops are waiting outside and wants to sit and stay in the house, kriss hanson tells him he needs to go. I felt sorry for this guy for some reason. I just feel that calling these guys predators is not exactly accurate. They were after all set up, who knows how far any of them would have gone. The most likely scenario for a true predator would be to stalk the girl if they really believed she lived at the address given and then maybe rape her so they could get away with it but these guys go to the home as is they are actually naïve enough to think its not a big deal. There is something strange here.

Elementary school math teacher male homo-pedophile on dateline caught.
I am wondering were this chat room is that perverted justice uses. It would be fun to go there and fuck with them.

A somewhat traded, at least in appearance man gets caught up twice on dateline.

a 36 year old brings presents to a 12 year old. He is a court administrator. He is also aware of the dateline show. Even before dateline stepped in he implied that he was not ready to have sex on the first date. I am curious to know if he was being honest about not having condoms or if he just realized that he was going to be busted soon.

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