Above URL link to more on that Peuyallup women that beat the level three sex offender with a bat. This guy t have molested his victims two 5 year olds, when he was pretty young, early teens if not earlier. Its been 9 years since. Thw women is an idiot, she makes all kinds of incriminating statements as if she thinks getting emotional and stating that she would like to kill the guy will help her defense. She also claims she saw the guy talking to her daughter of ten years old a year prior. That is probably bullshit. She basically gives the prosecution a clear case of assault with a deadly weapon with GBI intent. IF she wasn’t such a vulgar mpron she could have done a lot more to establish a defense. I hope she gets the maximum. That crap about protecting her child or a child is bulshit. These idiots are always claiming to be doing their stupid shit for the children.
This link is a video about 4 sex offenders living together. It is rather odd because on the one hand they say they don’t want the men living there, and on the other they are soying that it is illegal for 4 unrelated men to live together. If you separate them then it will become more ldifficult to tradk them.

This is a story about a women who just wants to forgive her sex offender husband who molested her daughter and live with him again. It has been annotated by someone against the laws as they exist.

A man arrested outside the Datline NBC entrapment home is found not guilty by a jury. The man went to the door and then turned around and left. That threshold of knocking on the door and waiting for an answer, or as I believe they do on this show is tell them to just come inside appears to mean something to juries.
This is an interesting result because the guy drove 140 miles to get there, he got out on the property, he opended the screen dorr. I am sure if he had been convicted that he would have lost an appeal based upon insufficient conduct to violate the statute. He is very lucky but he is still an idiot for going there, and idiot for talking to the “girl” about sex like that he is probably not a threat only because he is a little smarter than the others, he probably figured it wasn’t safe for him.

This is a must see if you like the show “to catch a predator” dateline nbc. It has this agency “perverted justice” who nbc contracts with to run the chat rooms and provice the printouts to my hanson. The perverted justice guy is a psychopath, he tells an older gentleman doing an impromptu interview “I know your old and don’t have much life left but …” What a creep. A person like that lacks empathy he is probably a pedophile out to redeem himself for bad acts in his past.

Part of an investigation into the relationship of chris hanson on dateline nbc and local police who lie and lie. There is something shady about this show, but for the most part the interviews with the men inside the house generally do all the incriminating needed to overcome anydoubts what these guys did and intented to do.

Presidential candidate huckabee likes a rapist for parole, who then re-offended and killed his victim.

Brian ross interviews barack obamas terrorist buddy.

Man commits suicide after being raided by police at his home after he refuses to take the bate in a dateline to catch a predator sting. The date line bait actually went to far in his encouragement to commit a crime that it amounted legally to entrapment. Despite this the man did not act on it and they raided his home because they wanted the transcript off of his computer.

Somewhat simple minded 48 year old man gets caught on dateline. He claims to be a virgin. He is also aware of the dateline shows!!
Another dateline predator dipshit. He makes a note for himself that he encouraged the girl to study, get and education…What fucken planet do these guys live on? With so many of these creeps coming out of the woodwork, even though they know of datelines show, they have effectively abolished all credibility of any person who claims to not be a threat to children when they are caught doing something that at least indicates that they have predilictions in that direction. What the fuck? There are so many of them who on earth would have guessed that the show could just keep on going and going?

This guy passes out and hits his head on dateline he is young and he probably saw his whole life changing so drastically his brain could not handle it.

Funny sketch I think it is just a mock of to catch a predator in which the guy runs for it and gets away like a guy running for a touchdown.

Another incredible dateline bust. Ithink it is too bad that they don’t have any videos of these guys acting normally so we can see the difference between their normal demeanor and this. Just telling us there jobs and stuff is not enough. Both of these guys cry.

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