This above link is an interesting story about a man who makes a date at a theater with who he believed to be 14 years old. He got 30 days. That is much less than what I got for lewd conduct in public and the ridiculous charge of distribution of obscene matter. I got 100 days for that and the matter was not even obscene it was slightly pornographic, a picture of myself, and no nudity, no exposure of any private parts, and it was political protest speech. The dumb ass judge was going to make me register as a sex offener because the idiot had not even read the matter as protest speech against sex offender registration so in effect the bonehead was going to make me register for something he didn’t even understand or read.

Man reoffends, rapists, he is violent and his offense is violent. Ironically he did few years for the severity of his crimes.

Sex offender moves in an pisses off residence, a notorious child molester who lives close to several schools.

Stupid Kentucky laws make sex offenders move out of homes they own just because a day care center moves in years later. The law is found unconstitutional in Georgia but not Kentucky yet.

Level 3 sex offender from a statutory rape when he was 19, is 36 now and works for a at risk teen outreach group. People are criticizing the group for hiringhim. The family of the so called “vvictem” speak up for him 19 years later.

Man being supposedly released from custody but is considered so high risk that they are keeping him in effect at house arrest at the cost of $65,000 a year. Residence have a meeting. It is insane, they get a house for him and he cant leave without a DOC escort, what the hell is the point? They should put him in a hotel room.

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