A catch a pretator like sting set up only not NBC Dateline.

62 year old man tries to get with a 13 year old. Itís a very strange scenario, the man is the leader of a church. It makes you wonder something with all these dateline nbc people getting busted and all these old men, is it possible that society in general is full of shit when they act outraged by this? The sex is supposed to be consensual so that removes the who rape issue, but there are so many men doing this that it begins to suggest that the elements of right and wrong are not a clear cut as the outrage would suggest. There is just no way this many people could be cajoled by manipulative cops into thinking that this is an opportunity to experience such sex unless it is fairly common assumption that there is really no harm done.

One stupid black girl, gets two men put in jail for sex with her because she puts up lies about her age and then meets the men and continues to tell elaborate lies. The guy in this video looks like a nice guy and his life is totally fucked up not only because of this asswipe whore but because myspace continues to allow this cunt to run a page lying about herself which already got one man 5 years.

Rape suspect goes beserk in the court room. Too bad he didnít have a gun to shoot the judge, we need to shoot more judges, district attorneys and police officers in this country after all they are doing the bidding of legislators who take away our rights and freedoms. It is perfectly right to treat them as the military branch of a despotic government that is usurping our correct government no less than if we were invaded by a foreign country.

Registered sex offender harassed by reporters and get less than what they deserved the guy should have killed one of them if he was going to go to prison. The guy is just at home at peace with his family and these fucks come to his door with cameras and harras him on top of all else he has been put through way out of proportion to any harm he caused to any victim

here the same guy, kawamoto is further exploited by the news organization. They are such vultures. They wouldnít give me the time of day because my story is not one that would outrage people and I would not really be hurt by them exposing me. It is the pain that they want to record and put up on the news, the guys face, his emotions, if they thought I would be devastated by a story on me they would beat on my door too.

Tri-states most wanted sex offender show. 1 in five.

News and neighbors harass a sex offender who has served his time and they get his sister arrested for trying to protect him.

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