Stupid Hearing on Registration laws. Before the supreme court of ohio.

a couple homer simpson lookalikes discuss Halloween and sex offenders.

Increadible 20/20 story about a man who had consensual sex at 15 with a 13 year old and is brutalized for the rest of his life for it in Arizona. This is amazing and the justice system is exposed as the sickness that it has become you have to see it to believe it.

Female College student life ruined by being falslly accused by a 19 year old male who claimed she touched his groin. She sais the kid came in and touched her breast and she rebuffed him, but she did not tell anyone because she knew the guy and was not that concerned, but the 19 year old was afraid she might say something and preempted her and went to the campus police and she was busted and must now register as a sex offender until 2021, She sais she always loses her jobs after the background check. The 19 year old was killed in a boating accident and is not available for comment.

TV news in Lubbock Texas discloses area sex offenders and where they work. A presentation made to illustrate the stupidity of the news motivations for this act of media vigilanteism.

Funny skit about a sex offender informing neighbors that he just moved in and makes a friend with another sex offender.

Kid discusses a stupid 1950ís film about gays, in which they are portrayed as pedophiles. This would explain why they used to make homosexuals register as sex offenders from 1947 till the 1970ís. He makes some good points and is well spoken.

Sketch about a sex offender at highschool and the teachers all know and conspire to make life hard.

A myspce pedophile illustrated, he is utterly rediculouse and appearantly very intelligent as well. What the fuck? How can a guy in his 40ís other than maybe Johnny Depp or something imagine that young teenagers want to have sex with him?? What world does this guy live in?

Some guy apparently exposing an online pedophile predator, He presents his case.

To catch a predator piece, some realy realy stupid stupid men here, absolutely amazing stuff. Evidently they actually thought they had found a child interested in sex with adults, cops of cours, but in reality they must have assumed that they had found a mentally deranged kid, that makes what they intent to do even worse, they donít evcen know these kids.

A fox news story about a pedophile that commits suicide.

supposedly unseen footage from nbcís to catch a predator live

level 3 sex offender wins $10,000,000 people angry about it. And greedy.

Home depot contracts work through a man who is neither a contractor nor a good carpenter. He is also a violent sex offender on the registry.

More dateline to catch a predator. Some of these guys look like they would have notrouble getting girls, certainly there is little correlation between being ugly and being a pedophile. Contrary to the stereo type I also see very little baldness and glasses. I think powerful sex drive is more a determining factor than outward appearance, most are not old either.

a man attempt to do a craigslist version of to catch a predator like nbc.

Sex offender arrested at a carnaval.

Something on teenage sex offenders. I didnít watch it. Goodlooking guy hears himself convicted of first degree murder. He is probably innocent. Juries are a realy really bad idea.

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