This is an incredibly ridiculous law suit brought by two imbeciles with buyers remorse after they purchased a home from a boogy man, I mean a registered sex offeder. They want to sue him of course because they think they can get the home for free now and not have to pay for a home owned by a man superior to them that is the man who owned the land they now have to work their dumb asses off to pay for. They claim that the home, which was never involved in any crimes, has “a bad feel” one that they never felt until after they found out he was a so called sex offender for having some kind of sex with underage girls when he was a lot younger. What asses. This is one for the “Humans are such bullshitting and selfish ass apes”

Family court show, women chooses to keep dating a convicted sex offender despite judges attempt to change her mind.

Sex offender sues the entire state for laws against his rights.

(IF you clicked and did not get the kid having an orgasm in class, shame on you, I changed the URL to protect you from becoming a sex offender. Depictions of mastrobation are also illegal. Here you only see the upper part of the girl or guy, I cant tell because the video was poor, but still your curiosity may have gotten you introuble if you were to save it, I don’t know if you can do that here on you tube or not this is my first time messing with this stuff.

Daycare center defends there decision to hire a “convicted sex offender” and say the children loved the man whos crime had nothing to do with children and appears to have been less than rape of a girl 6 years younger when he was 26.

Cool man punches a fucking prosecutor in the head in court! Awsome! I love it.

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