Here is a story about a kid who catches a serious child molester at Disneyland! This is a disturbing story, the brazen aggression of this child molester is astonishing. It is easy to be angry at societies un-warranted characterization of the typical so called “registered sex offender” and it is fucks like this that make it virtually a for-gone conclusion that the laws will only continue to get worse. This guy, took off with a little girl to the bushes, how the fuck does that happen too? Where the F were the parents? I guess they had a sense of security being in a big hotel a Disneyland. Here I am, telling people that sex offenders are not all pedophiles and rapists, and that is true, and it is also true that most people convicted of some sort of child molestation are not predators, but when I am in public, I always assume everyone is a fake, a fraud, and a potential threat. You never give it much thought unless you are offered a ride, or to come into an apartment, and then your defenses really go up, but here you have a little girl running around un-supervised, to me that’s like signaling the chicken hawks to come out of the sky. When I was about 10 my sister was using the restroom at the 7-11 when the omnibus came. We were only going to the mall, just down the street so I got on, another would come in 30 minutes. We get there and in 30 minutes she doesn’t get off the bus. I can’t even describe the feeling I had up until we located her. It was as if getting on the bus the dummest thing I had ever done, I, in those days I didn’t think in terms of child molesters, I had only heard of kidnabbers and murderers. Now days were hear almost always of childmolesters learking everywhere and these parents still left their child alone, maybe they wanted this to happen? Sicker things have happened.

Here is a video in which a highschool student claims to be having an orgasm at her desk in class. It could just be a fake and since it is not pornopraphic by law I include it here with a question The legislature has determined that any possession of a child depicted in sexual context is an exploitation of that child. We all know what that suggests, namely that the child was exploited in the making of the porn, and is exploited by those who use the porn for sexual gratification instead of contacting law enforcement when they encounter it they save it on their computer. Really there is an incredible amount of self-produced and promoted child sex videos out there. I have never sought it out, and not just because I fear the law, I have no interest in young peoples lives since I am beyond that, I will watch porn of people my age or even older. It actually pisses me off when I sense that some young person a teenager gives me a look like they think I should find them attractive or something because of their youth, its such bullshit being young is wonderful because getting old sucks but it doesn’t make you sexy. There is a difference between being beautiful only because youth is wonderful and being sexy, and as far as that goes there are many women in there 40’s who are more sexy than any teenager will ever be in their life.

This is a story about “ricky” the 16 year old who thought he was having sex with a “nearly 16” year old girlfriend but she turned out to be only 13. He is now on the nations highest category sex offender level 3 registry. It is insane. Some states they say have what they call a “romeo and julliete” clause that allow kids like ricky to stay off the registry or even de-crimiminalize this conduct. Oklahoma is an ugly state, very ugly.

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