This is a story about a women, an idiot “white trash” stereo type model who attacked a sex offender with a base ball bat. The man was not in anyway related to her, she was not protecting anyone just taking the law and punishment into her own hands. In my opinion if the sex offender would have been able to he should have broken her neck and said “don’t fuck with me now I killed someone” That would make him a more noble person because killers for what ever reason they kill even children, unless there is sex involved are not required to register for anything.

A strange little show about a man who has a bug up his ass about the kid “mario” who had sex with an underage girl and goes around telling all the neigbors and gets a gun and….I don’t know what the deal with this is, maybe they intend on making more parts to it.

A story about law enforcement rounding up sex offenders on holloween just to be assholes of course. This is rediculous, and fortunately without saying so outright the reporter goes on to give statistics to show that such measures are overkill. How stupid! While people are being shot to death on black Friday at the check out in walmart or being trampled to death by the same assholes who nobody thinks to regulate every moment of their lives, people who pose almost no threat to society are being treated like lepors. Most sex offenders 97% never re-offend, most have never done anything “serious” in nature as a sex offense.

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