Interview with a sex offender forced to live under a freeway overpass.

Very funny sketch done about a rapist who has a publicist to inform the public of his sex offender status. MOCK
John Stossel interview with both a women who in her twenties had consensual sex with a 15 year old boy and is on a sex offender registry and a rediculous female vigilante who exposes herself as a sociopath. Despite the fact the the so called 15 year old victim still sais “the sex was concensual” and that “she was hot” this vigilante cunt harrasses her as if she is some sort of pedophile to this day. She is sueing the dipshit who sais “I am the voice of the children” this is a good interview to show the stupidity and cold hearted evil that resides in the hearts of mindless people out there. This dumb witch refrased john stossel when he said “she had consensual sex with a 15 year old kid, and she said “she sexually molested a 15 year old child in her twenties” What a crock of shit! H Here is a better longer video of it.
Incredible story about two women who pretend to want a threesome with a sex offender and then they rape and mutilate him including cutting his penis off and slicing up is whole leg “I am a child molester” with a razor blade. This is a good example of how people don’t know how to draw proportionality between real violence and the strange use of the word “violence” when sexual contact with children is involved. Usually children are not even afflicted with pain, but they still call it a violent crime. If there is violence let there be realy violence and not some bizarre use of the word.

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