Another discussion of a previous article, I disagree with the commentary that this man diserves time for this. Those reporters were trying to punish him again after he did his time. People do not seem to appreciate the utter horror men experience as they do their time in prison. These dipshits violated his rights to privacy, they were exploiting him. What a bunch of wimps these prima donna reporters are.

Here is a sherriff saying about sex offender laws, are to “make it tuff on these individuals” how does this reconcile with the dictum that these laws are not “punitive” in nature? It doesn’t that is just crap. Just like they can take you car or your house away from you for soliciting a prostitute or selling drugs from your house even when you are acquitted at trial. They simply say it is “civil” and not “punitive” remedy if there would be a preponderance of evidence for a civil conviction. Wake up people we are being slow boiled out of our prohibitive protections against excessive fines and penalties and against cruel and or unusual punishments.

The KKK mississipi white knights give a warning to sex offenders and post a bunch of their megans law profiles set to music written for the subject it’s a pretty cool song with a guitar solo too. I don’t have a problem with it. I assume they are after child molesters and rapists. The song tells a story about a man that got off on a technicality and is faced with vigilante justice for his crime against a child.

A commentary on dateline nbc show to catch a predator. He brings up really good points but seems to think we should be ashamed of watching it. He argues that the show is entrapment. He presents a very good argument and it is very informative. Its also kind of funny. Overall I agree with him.

To catch a predator defendant gets tasered.

This is an interesting news story about the show to catch a predator. A D.A. sais the crimes were commited before the men come to the home and there were no warrents. He refuses to prosecute them. They say only 8 out of 23 cases can be taken to trial.

IN this report which is similar to the above but different DA roach sais something very odd and which flies in the face of reason. He sais that the men who perverted justice gets on the internet but who do not show up at the house are just as much predators as those that do show up? What the fuck? That is a very scary attitude. Imagine that you think you are being bluffed by a perverted justice person? You don’t show up and that guy would prosecute you as a predator even though you where just screwing around and never believed you were speaking to a real underage kid! That is bizarre.

This dateline predator is very interesting the comments he makes. He thinks the girl is 12 or 13. The guy is a teacher and sais he should be taken to jail and executed. His life is over he is intelligent and you get to see a man who realizes everything is over for him. Wow! He sais on line for the girl to compare his penus size to a can of coke!

Here is a dateline in which a seik comes with his turbin on!! He asks if they could please just let him go.
An agent with homeland security shows up too. He is funny. 3 days 51 men show up in riverside ca. wow!

expose on perverted justice and their websight

Online sting, not dateline catches a masochist who wants to be beaten up blindfolded by underage girl. He wants to be kicked in the face and have the girls drink the blood comeing from his nose. Ironically everyone seems to support the masochism elements of it.

A women is beaten up by sadistic cops. Do you ever wonder why cops hate cameras in jails and stations and why they hate wearing recording devices? It is because they are liars and they do not want to get caught doing their stupid nefarious shit. And lying on reports saying the defendant said one thing when they actually said another.