man explains why ancient sacred sex, the origin of religion is not pedophilia. He sais religions make sex sinful. He explains that Christianity is rooted in pedophilia sex religion. He claims atheism is the cure to Christian pedophilia. Hes a nut.

There is a guy here on this dateline that pours out a crock of introspective shit and attempts to plant the notion that he wanted to get caught and expected a sting. These guys are very interesting subjects and I regret that they end the sting with the guy entering the premises. Why since they use legal age decoys can’t they allow things to progress to the point where we can actually see how they would progress towards actual sex. Some men suffer from something called proximity aversion and they only feel arousal with forplay or flirtation. I would be very interested in seeing these stings go on to include the decoys sitting down and chatting or dressing provocatively and seeing if the guys will initiate touching. Only then can we see if some of these guys would pull away before they go too far.

seattle UPS pilot likes to spank little boys and has over 20 victims so far.

chester the molester syles, who molested that little girl up in Nevada. One of his ex gilrl friends speaks out about him.

punk ass white prosecutor gets a tongue lashing by a cool self confident black defendant. The prosecutor acts like such a punk “any times mr gains” But only as they lead him away in chains! Ha! Prosecutors as pathetic punk as bitches! Apparently this man is hiv positive and spit in a deputies eye and gets 13 years for it.

Cool black man goes for deputies gun while some stupid white bitch screams like an idiot and lays on the floor screaming that he is going to kill her instead of just running out the court room door. What a crock! Obviously she is posturing for some one or something.

kid feints in court when he realizes he may get the death penalty for his role in a murder.