29 year old poses as a 12 year old and enrolls in school.

Level 2 sex offender who wants a relationship with a women with kids, calls cps and is told that the women may have her kids taken just for associating with him Tells his story at city council, he almost comes to tears telling them how lonely the laws have made him, he is a young guy too.

Father of level 2 sex offender angel perez, speaks out.

A victim makes a mantage of her offenders pictures. The hatred expressed is kind of disproportional to the harm inflicted. He did not actually hurt her physically, he just wanted sexual contact. I say it like this because I am a person who has been attacked and beaten several times and have scars from it but I have virtually no animosity towards the people who did it. I also donít think they should go to jail for it for more than a month or so. It is a mystery to my why so many so called victims of sexual abuse act as if their lives are ruined. The courts ruin our lives far more than the average so called sex offender. The courts will charge you 1000 for driving without insurance when you had to drive, and so forth, its insane sexual contact while it can be disgusting it does not rise to the level of violence unless there is actual violence. Period and anyone who disagrees I would just say, whats your fucking point asshole? Are you trying to say I have sympathies towards rapists and child molesters? No, I donít I just no that a man who sticks his finger up a childs asshole or sucks a childs penis is not nearly as bad as a man who would shoot someone, or beat his girl friend or a man who would steal very expensive things from someone. The harm is not that bad and I think we do a disservice to children to fail to show them the way to look at what happened as nothing that they should ruin their lives over.

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