Here is a little something produced by I don’t know who maybe a victim of a pedophile of some dingbat like petra luna, or moon rock. If is is by a victim or a family member of a victim, I have no criticism but if it is by that ding bat petra luna I find it a pathetic attempt to speak for victims who have not asked her too. She is a retard and it is not the desire to help victims of pedophilia or to support harsh legislation to prevent them from re-offending or having the opportunity too, what I dislike about petra luna, or Mrs Ochoa is that she is mentally ill and sadistic. She wants children like 18 year olds who have sex with 14 year olds as boyfriend and girlfriend to be on sex offender registries. She harasses those romeo and julliete couples who did nothing other than have consensual sex just because some idiot legislator who is probably a pedophile himself such as senator Mark Foley was, made a law against it. Fuck those people and fuck ochoa, we do just fine without that noisy wanna be celebrity skunk.

Jack Mcclellan discusses his predilictions. Ironicly he claims the pedophilia hysteria is over blown but then he goes on to say that he thinks a lot of people are like him, he admits matter of factly that his “age of attraction” is 3 up to I think 7, god what a fucken dipshit! He sais if there were no laws he would try to establish an intimate relationship with such a child. What on earth made this guy think he could win sympathy by admitting he wants to touch a 3 year olds groin? I wonder if he had spend some time in a chat room with guys who said the same things and now thinks there are a lot of in the closet pedophiles such as homosexuals think about gay men.

This guy is giving a rather rambling but engaging discussion about pedophiles and then offers a “solution” to pedophiliacs, his solution is to find those of legal age who “look” underage. I have seen lots of pornography billed as “barely legal” and so forth and they will put the girls in the double side pony tails and the plaid skirt with stalkings to make them look early teens. I disagree with this tact because when a man is young under below 18 he can sleep with these girls but to nurture such an appetite for the young look then as you grow older you won’t be able to feel erotic attraction for older women. My solution for the pedophile is to be realistic. Young girls do not want you, they are discusted by older guys, anything over 21 to them seems “old” and if you find one that seem to have fantasies about “daddy” figures, you are being duped. A girl may be horny and want a man to touch her but that moment will pass and when it does the cops will be on there way to you. It won’t take her long to convince herself that you took advantage of her. She will feel dirty and angry because she always looks at older men as dirty and discusting, just because she was horny, at themoment doesn’t mean she is horny a lot or that she prefers older men.

Thinking about older women is better. They are sexier, they are more consistent emotionally and you can enjoy them without a lot of drama. Even when an older womens face looks damaged or aged Underneath her skin is still very young looking. You should watch porn of older women and get off the whole younger look thing because you are stuck in an un-realistic rut. So I do not agree with this guys advice although it is better than breaking the law it is still cultivating you derangement.

White pedophile who likes asian children picked up in Thailand, mecca for pedos

Jack Mclellan arrested because he went back on ucla property. Despite his sick sexual derangements I feel sorry for him because I think he has a child like innocence about him. OF course it could be an act. How does this guy live? He has a car, he drives around, buys food at grocery stores were apearantly he is banned from for admitting his pedophilia. This is strange. I know the law allows people to be put into hospitals against their will even if they have not commited a crime. If jack McClellan were an offender, and he was running about admitting his appetites so candidly I am sure they would hospitalize him under the law that allows them to do this civilly, the rational behind this appears to me to allow them to do it without a criminal record. I suppose the difference might be his first amendment rights to express himself. Who knows, but they have apparently put some civil restrictions on his movements.

Jack McClellan admits to being a pedophile on television interview. He sais he wants to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions that pedophiles are out lurking in parks etc..ha ha the news reporters point out that he is a poster boy for the stereotype but it appears to go over his head.

More on Jack McClellan. His webpage appears to suggest that he wants to normalize the notion of hugging and so forth with “pre-pubescent” gilrs. What the hell? This is the age group of girls who don’t even want sex with boys. This type of thinking is a good definition for insanity not induced by disease, it is the constant denial of reality. Jack McClellan llives in a fantasy world in which little girls are not harmed by sexual aggression from adults, in his world it can be done to the mutual benefit of both. This must be how apparently nice guys like McClellan can co-exist with this “evil” desire. He is not intending to hurt anyone he has this theory that it doesn’t really hurt. I have often wondered why girls seem to be so utterly messed up by molestation, undertand it or not it is undeniable, so jack is just denying the facts of life.

a man is interviewd and then taken in to the police for questioning. He gets out on bail and then commits suicide. This is part 2 next will be part 1. One of the police in the pedophile unit states that the most horrendous crime he can think of is for a man to insert his penus into the anus of a 6 year old child. I am surprised by this statement because it is patently absurd to suggest that such an act, one when among adults is allover the internet could be stated to be a bottom of the well crime just because a child is involved. It is no wonder why murderers think they are better than child molesters but I ASSURE YOU they are not. A man that would kill would also rape a child if he felt like it.

part 1 of the search interview of a pedophile, its amazing how polite these cops are.

I could not really understand this guy, he appears to be trying to keep his voice down. I suspect he is a pedophile who wants to set the record straight on something about pedophiles