A debate between to religious leaders about sex offenders laws and how to best monitor those who have been convicted of sex offenses. He makes a point that out of the first 130 men caught up on the dateline nbc show to catch a predator only 4 were registered sex offenders, he sais that the most likely person to molest a child is going to be in your family pictures than on megans law webpage. These are supported by statistics, when you consider how paranoid people are of pedophiles, he claims that more kids are killed in their own driveway than those abducted. This is a good way to put the numbers in perspective. Child molestation on the other hand as we have seen on dateling at least of those 12 and up must be a greater risk at least now that the internet is available to so many kids.

Judge Judy, a man appears to have had a police report filed for a “sex offense” as printed on the report, the guy walks a tight rope as the judge asked him to explain what the circumstances were that he took a picture of her naked. He does a good job of either lying or escaping from her trap of lies. But if he had said the wrong thing I am sure they would have used his statements against him in a “sex offense” case and he would have to register as a sex offender.

Sex offender, young children who turned himself in says “it’s the lies you tell yourself, that your not really going to hurt them”..He also says “we should never be let out” but he is trying to rehabilitate himself.
This report suggests that roughly a quarter of released sex offenders reoffend.

Doctor treats pedophiles and an interview with one of his patients. Not incarcerated. Appears to be a college student. He takes drugs to reduce his sex drive, another offender diagnosed as a pedophile sexual sadist, who committed two offenses. Did 17 months and gets chemical castration. Sais he doesn’t need sex. Another actually gets castrated. A homosexual pedophile. He sais it was so wonderful to be castrated.

man doing life for child molestation talks in prison interview. He starts crying and claims all the sexual encounters were initiated by the children and none by him. He is actually a rather vulgar looking guy, I doubt his claims would be believed even if we were talking about adults, who the hell would want to initiate sex with this genetic freak.

Sex offender appearantly someone who ran a site on the internet for pedophiles. Funny thing is he mentions Mark Foley a U.S senator who authored some of the most onerous sex offender laws and then was forced to resign because he was discovered as a sex offender himself. This guy sais that one of pedophile Foleys laws failed, and that now that he is an outed and convicted sex offender he wants to work to get Foleys law passed. He is probably just like foley! Fucken psychopaths authoring our laws.

A creepy man preys on children and abducts a boy and girl and then kills the boy, the sister tells the court how he shot her brother in the head. Definitely a case for the death penalty.

10 year old charged with a sexual assault. The kids life is really jacked up.

Virtual reality child sex rings. People could go to this zones in virtual world and be solicited by “avatars” as children to have sex. At least one goes on to the real world Cops do not want to allow this sort of fantasizing to occur. User created content on line is difficult to monitor or regulate.

A guide on how to choose a child avatar for pedophiles in sexond life. It is clearly an attempt to educate pedophiles on how to make their “skins” more childlike because this guy doesn’t like the resemblance of the child avatars to adult hookers, he wants more reality ore child like reality. What a fucking creepy freak, nurturing these fantasies can only bring about more child molestation and ultimately more hardship for everyone.

This video is kind of funny it is titled celebrity pedophiles, but watch and you will see what they did. I suppose if there was a point to it, and I don’t know if there is that it would be “you cant spot a pedophile based upon outward appearances.