Indecent exposure case. Man targets women from his car and continues to invite them over to his car. Maybe he is well hung. They act like he is a rapist or something, despite the fact that he appears to just be trying an unorthodox yet utterly forward way of trying to hook up sexually. He is looking for that special girl, that one who will be “into it”. What’s so wrong with that?

Arrest of a man for indecent exposure. Notice how the female cop can’t handle her position of authority and keeps shoving him against the car like some stupid cunt. These female cops need to get their teeth nocked out for that kind of shit then maybe they will learn that you don’t abuse the fact that you are a weaker sex and men can kick your ass and just because they are in handcuffs doesn’t make you better than before.

Story about an old man arrested for working on his car in the nude. It is clear that the “moral outrage” expressed in this story is discrimination against an man for his age, and just plane nosiness. If these people would just ignore the guy we could all just get along, but no, they have to see him arrested and will probably have to register as a sex offender now. Idiots! Leave other people alone with their issues and fuck the fuck off! This broad starts acting as if because she is pregnant that now she has more authority to rule the world “Im pregnant and I wouldn’t want my daughter to see that” Get the fuck off just because you had sex, and got knocked up doesn’t give you the right to tell other people what they can and can’t do. Your daughter is not going to be hurt by seeing a man naked. Where do people get all these pathetic assumptions about the effects of nudity and even exposure to the relities that humans have sex. Really, they are not going to give a shit about a man jacking off and showing it to mommy, they will laugh. I saw it when I was a kid and it had no appeal to me, it didn't make me curious about jacking off in public, it didn't confuse me about humans and humand nature, I was 7 years old, me and by brother through rocks at the guy to scare him away so we could pass through were he was but that was it, I never thought of him ever except when the issue of flashers or something came up and mostly never then either. What is really sad although I am not the one feeling the sadness is that the guy was kicked out of med school in loma linda and deported back to kenya. Thats the type of excessive bullshit we do to people for virtually nothing. A bunch of uptight self-rightous bigots, who want to control other peoples lives and fuck them over completely for harmless things like jacking off someplace outdoors where someone just might see them. Get a life you apes.

Motly Crue’s Mick Mars tells how he was arrested for a SEX OFFENSE.

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