A video from you tube about a 17 year old girl with a 15 year old she might lose her house now.

Women with question to community what would you do if your neighbor was a sex offender. I would suggest you conduct your- self as you always should and keep a close eye on your family members because those are the ones most likely to molest your kid. 90% of all so called molesters are family to the victim. That does not make them “predators” so called predators are very far and few between even among those convicted of child molestation as statistics show, you just have to keep and eye out for every single adult that tries to speak to you kid. That’s how it starts they speak to them, they give them candy, they wag a teddybear or comic book in their face and back to their house they go. Don’t trust anyone man! If you see a guy glancing at your ass in the supermarket you know what he wants to do, he is a rapist waiting for opportunity. The same with your kid, if you see a man smiling at your kid, you know one of those stupid smiles that seems just a little to happy for a man his age, then you should walk right up to him and say “what is your name? I wan’t to look you up and see if you are on megans list” Also you should assume all male elementary school teachers are pedophiles, and all clergy, particularly catholic, and you should watch out if your husband is ever watching TV and your son is in his underwear watching it too when he was told to go to bed.
There is a pedophile on every corner! If any man is ten years older than you are remember he is pedophile with respect to you, don’t let him look at your ass! He wants to do pedophilic things to your 30 year old ass because when he was 20 your were only 10! That makes him a pedophile!

Interview with a statutory rape convict did 16 years.

Here are two of the so called "predators" that will be going through the whole meganslaw public disclosure for life AND life time probation which is something new, I think only two states have it now, google on it for washington state and you will see just what a stupid industry this crap offers to create for the dipshits that studied psycology in college. It is such a crock! These guys were lead to believe some 14 year olds liked having sex with men like them. As dumb and gullable as you would need to be to believe that shit There is still no evidence that these guys are "predators" that require constant police supervision. They pull these stings off way too early in the process to find out that sort of info. They would first need to have the girl say, well, I changed my mind see.... and then see how the guy reacts.

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