Part one in the documentary “under the three strikes law.” The point is made that first degree murder gets 25 to life and 2nd degree gets 15. 25 to life means no parole until 25 years. Also that California three strikes differs from most other states similar measures in that the3rd strike may be a misdemeanor non violent crime and that no crime need be actually violent in nature such as burglary which is a property crime. Property crimes are ripe with potential for violence true but for the most part they are not even confrontational. Polly klasses grand father appears for the opposition. I dislike the use of rap music for the choice of music. It is annoying that this crime and prison stereotype about blacks is emphasized by using rap music. That’s just a feeling I had when I hear it.
Man is facing 3rd strike for stealing a pack of minidougnuts. They want to give him 77 years.

Short documentary about three strikes. Polly Klasses Grand father speaks out against the law.
he sais it cost the state a billion dollars a year to house non-violent offenders and drug users.
he sais it is draconian and that there are more people doing 25 to life for non-violent crime than there are for all violent crimes combined includeing rape.

Part 3 from above which is part 2

Part 4

Emphasis on race, statistics show that three strikes is applied 14 times more to African Americans than white. This is not in proportion to crime rates.

part 5. This part starts out with a little girl who wants to make her father proud who is never coming home. In combination with the music it is a bit of a tear jerker. Gaylon Ray caught up for possession of cocain upgraded his sentence to 28 years! Heavan help us all, this man is older too, well beyond the age of 40 where recidivist rates drop drastically.

Part 6 from above. About unions and getting politician votes.

part 7 Good dad of three goes down for shoplifting, gets out on a hand written writ of his own research. This means a petty thief did a better job at practicing law than those who hold the lives of our citizens in there hands. This is a very interesting story and I want to get a copy of his Re ply from the CSC.

Part 8. Discussion on cost both for housing and geriatric health costs. Also efficacy. Very good arguments made against in different ways of comparison. They even debunk the claim that the violent crime rate drop is due to three strikes. They point out that strikeable offenses committed as a juvenile remain as strikes for life. Polly Klasses grandfather is here too. He is a great person, I really find him to be very kind and reasonable, he shows some degree of passion and indignation that this law would be passed by using the tragic murder of his grandchild. He is awesome.

A nicely done slide show with an essay written by what sounds like a highschool or college student.

A couple of moms of three strikers. One of the moms is responsible for getting her son his first two strikes in that he stole from her and her home. She turned him in. His third offense was being present at a drug sale.

This is a news story from a European country but you can understand enough because they don’t mute the English statements.

Hawaii chooses not to invoke their three strikes law against the same offenders California sees fit to entomb for life.

Here is an example of someone who supports the law but as too lenient. He is kind of weird.

A comic sketch about a three strikes scenario. Set to any Griffith and mission impossible music. It is accurate in fact even though you might think it is not.