What on earth? A three month old baby sexually molested! How does one arrive there? Amazing that this stuff has any appeal to grown men! Idiots advertised their shit on boychat.

Here is a bi-sexual prepubescent sex offender! Whaaaaaaaat??

man rapes one day old his own child. Also a man who rapes his 8 day old child it killed her because of tearing. Hmmm what the hell? This is truly an astonishing thing, I never heard of this. At anyrate this preacher is not all wet but he is an idiot, not for being hard on sex criminals but because he seems to think liberals are light on child molesters, what crap, he creates a straw man out of “liberals” and expects to make a point that repubs would put an end to pedos but dems wont allow it. This idiot thinks fedral judges have been siding with the predators. I am all for vigilante justice though, as long as you know someone is guilty.

more on that guy who the pastor above sais killed his 8 day old daughter by fucking it. Not sure if he is actually guilty since he was only charged with spousal battery.

Another man who rapes his 8 day old child. Whaaaaat???

This sketch is funny as hell, you have to watch till the end lol!