supposedly a man being electricuted in the chair.

Iranians execute teenage girl, the state did this. Hmm. Is this worse than child molestation. This was done in accordance with mulsim laws which make teenage sex outside of marriage a capital offense. DO you see how humans are?? I would rather have pedophiles than muslims in my town. Fuck islam it is such a disgusting religion. People like to say it’s a religion of peace and that the fundamentalists are not representative. They like to point out the its name “Islam” comes from the root word “salam” which means peace. This is really intellectually dishonest, Islam is the imperative of the verb derived from salam which means to Surrender! The so called “peace to be upon you” is just the peace of surrendering to islam so that muslims will not torment you anymore.

Another child stoned and beaten to death for having sex outside of marriage in Iraq. She is Kurdish. Her own family started this shit. Muslims are worse than pedophiles!

another young women murdered in London stoned, an honor killing initiated by her family. FUking muslims are worse than pedophiles! notice that the muslim scum raped her first before killing her. If people wanted to protect children they should work on destroying islam as a religioin too.

Father kills both his daughters in texas for dating a non-muslim kid. Her last words were “Oh my god I’m dying, my bloods all over the place…” Muslims are mentally ill and that religioin is worse than child molestation. Dad molested her.

a video about some of the many young and beautiful women, young girls murdered as honor killings to satisfy the sadistic mentality of muslim men. Islam is worse than Pedophilia. Since pedophilia will not go away lets focus on killing off islam then maybe we can do some real good in this world. Do your part and when you hear the word Ismam say, “islam is a racist, stupid cultural disease and should be treated as a hate group.”
Muslim man carves out his pregnant wives eyes in a mulsim fit of rage. Very common is stinky mulsim lands.

Another beautiful muslim girl murdered by dad. Honor killing, why is it that mulsims like to kill the pretty muslim girls that want to enjoy life more than say muhhameds wife did. Who wants to marry a stupid muslim man anyways? They are insufferable and full of un-deserved pride. Remember islam is a racist religion in which the “arab” man is exalted above all others. There is no becoming fully muslim for non arabs in islam even though lots of Asians have been duped into the religion they do not realize that they are sexond class to the “house of Arabia.”