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I am Judge Kozinski, you may have googled my name and found out I was in some kind of trouble over some images of questionable decency for a Federal Circuit Judge to have on his web sight. I disagree, I have collected some sites from the internet that I found to be worthy of illustrating the beauty of our 1st amendment rights. These pages have informed me at times as to how to proceed in cases in which citizens have been charged with the distribution of matter that falls outside the ambit of our 1st amendment protection. [1] Here I intend to illustrate that this protection extents to any combination of obscenity and political anti-government protest that is logically related by relevant threads of thought not matter how offensive that message may be to some.


I found reading things written by "Pedophiles" is more educational than reading the intellectual morass that constitutes the Legislative and Crimminalogical underpinnings of present law and policies concerning so called "sex offenders" ranging from a women who may touch her breasts lewdly in public to the child-molester but all who have had the stigma of the child-abductor-rapist-murder factored into their sentance to register as sex offenders by the liberal use of basic statistics and the mental cruch known as "the average" that deprives individuals of their right to due process because the courts do not have the time or even the right nowdays to judge an indivudual upon their own unique culpability.
But for godsake be carefull what you URL you click on The FBI has reached a new low in its desire to ruin peoples lives in the name of "protecting children."

"... one can become a sociopath by having empathy strangled out of your soul."
You can post anonymously to Boychat posts below (numbered).


Here is one exchange from olly (in the suit)and the replies to "The irresistability of 13 year old boys."

[Whenever I come across a beautful 13 year old boy my heartrate doubles, I sag at the knees and my bollocks ache. Is it an aquired taste ,I wonder, or are all red-blooded men so affected?
Tell us what you think. Am I abnormal or something?]

RE:Yes, you are abnormal..[Normal is being like me, falling for every 11 and 12 year old boy who happens along. I mean, nothing wrong with the more mature 13 and 14 year old boys, but...
Also, just below here there is a commentary about the intolerance of Christians. And yet I still go to church, even though I am acutely aware of that intolerance. Why do I keep going? Well, there are lots and lots of boys there, looking so pretty. Also, for some reason I have been attracted to the music of the church since boyhood. And anyway, "Normal" is just bullshit. Stay away from it.]

Re:No I'm not! [Church music eh? My youngest son was a Cathedral chorister. The boys produced an exquisite sound and were so sweet and innocent looking. There's an expression, "as tight as a choirboy's arse". I would've loved to put it to the test.]

Most exchanges are not sexually explicit some of the posters on there become characters and their intelligence is apparent. I have decided to follow the websight in order to try and understand this boylove philosophy because it is quite clear from several exchanges that they make a great distinction from boylove and "child abuse".
So far I haven't gotten to see any boylove mission statements, out of lack of interest I want to derive it from the commnents. Primarily this appears to be a support site, but there are limits to their support of each other.

Postby :ravenvscrow:dr. phil destroys a 19yo pedophile on his show:
Re:by Anacreon: [But then I gather he's quite the bottom-feeder. Older CLs are generally experienced enough to know that they're not going to get a fair hearing from a US media presenter like Dr. Phil. That's probably why he's chosen as his target someone who's barely beyond boyhood himself. If he can he'll have the kid thrown in prison, registered for life, and then later sell us a big splashy sensationalist report about the prison murder inspired by his own hate-mongering. That's the way yellow journalism operates.

Dr. Phil is a shit-for-brains, utterly devoid of integrity or character, and the same goes for the preponderance of his audience. Just in case anyone was in any doubt about that.
How ironic that there's an item linked on that page about "Adult Bullies." ]

Re: By Santi:['Dr. Phil' and audience represent gringos, The average gringo is represented there, as in Oprah and related programs. The popularity of that rubbish is due to the fact the programs and contents target the average gringo soul, with its fears, achievements and desires.

The average gringo will side with "Dr." Phil before it sides with you or with anything else.
A nation of whimps, of weak leeches and of morons, that is what you face in your daily life.]

Re:Oprah is a Gringo?!
[Well, maybe she's what they used to call an "oreo" - black on the outside, white on the inside. I don't know if that's still a current colloquialism.
A nation of whimps, of weak leeches and of morons, that is what you face in your daily life.
Come to think of it, that does seem to describe my immediate surroundings. ]

Re:Oprah is a nigger and a gringo, And a cunt and a leech and a tick and a rat.
I know, I know... let me apologize to ticks, rats and leeches for the unfair comparison.

If you think Oprah was hype, just wait for the times in which your new president will make any nigger bum to think he can be a Obama or an Oprah.

Mate, you have talent, you have brains, you just need a little bit of courage to move on.]

Here are a number of other Boychat posts. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

These are a-typical posts that revealed more of their sexual desires. I am trying to arrive at a point where I can differentiate between the person and the sentiments of "boylove."

I know the world will never accept this type of sexuality because for the most part sexuality is disgusting when juxtaposed with anyone but the most beautiful people on the planet and even those are too ugly to put with children once they are adults.

The Boylove philosophy is not neccessarily corrupt for all we know it could improve humanity by toneing down the more disgusting aspects of masculinity in men but we have no reason to believe this either, it couuld be harmless, but no reason to assume that since molested children (Boylove appears to frown on child molestation) almost invariably develope emotional problems.

The only thing I know for shure is that BoyLove will be driving further and further into the realm of the sex offender and one day even the banter on this chat sight will be made illegal.
That doesn't mean however that Boylove men are a threat to children, what they appear to be looking for is a kind of relationship with a "yf" which I think means Young Freind that allows them to indulge their fantasies but at the same time is completely above board with the child and the more cognizant the child is of the Adults feelings the better.

They appear to feel that children can benifit off of their tutalage and suffer no adverse trauma later on in life.

I have tried to put myself in a position as a child to see if I could have been open to a child-adult relationship. The only thing I can think of is that once in puberty I could have had relationships with adult females. I think starting around the age of 12 I could have had the kind of relationship these Boylove guys are wanting, but I suppose they are looking for gay boys.

I remember a scenario in the movie "Tales of the City" by author Armistead Maupin, I saw this a very long time ago and I have to say that it ranks up there with my all time favorite movie. I liked it so much that years later I read another of his books and it was about an on line love affair with a man and a sick boy, who turned out to be a blind women.

At anyrate The Tales of the Cities movie had a rich little girl character and her chouffer and in exchange for doing for her what ever she demanded she in return would let him touch her. I remember thinking how nice it would be to be in that girls position. I thought maybe children are not as well served as we think by depriving them of being able to command adults around by exchanging little sexual favors. I am quite shure that if I was a child and I was aware of this sort of desire, I would seek it out for profit. I would do it today too if I could but the men that would get with me now are just too old. I used to do it to a certain degree when I was younger but not for money just for fun but never with homosexauls because I was afraid of AIDS.

At anyrate, my goal is to be able to find some set of words that will allow me to say with conviction that the notion that pedophilia is an illness and that pedophiles are a threat to society is hype, the same kind of hype that has the law treating a man who exposes himself in public as a "potential rapist."
I don't want to promote pedophilia but I detest the demonization of people who do not deserve it, usually by people who are no better than the same white trash like Jessica Lundsfords father who had child porn on his home computer when police searched it and yet he went on to become some sort of patron saint of children because of the laws he was canvassing for.

Marilyn Manson Rock Videos
Stories in the news about babyrapers
Hypocrit sex offender legislator Mark Foley Scandal on Youtube Videos
A political protest page against Cal P.C. 647(a) and 290 (a)2(E) It seems we still have alot of the Taliban sentiment codified in our own laws.
See his butt judge! @ which became central in Riverside Counties attempt to place somewhat sexualy offensive political protest speech beyond 1st amendment protection.

The courts have ruled that public disclosure of crimminal records photographs and most recent addresses are good for the public. Therefore we will carry that logic further and declare that any accusation published about a person is good for the public since we too are a court of opinion and we should know if so and so is doing this and that. So go ahead and send info on people you dont like and then distribute flyers informing people were they can see it on the internet Here at

Here is a Blog I am going to use for posting the horror stories like those ---------------

here at "Tales from the Registry------------These stories are very scary. You cannot help but become scared about your own safety when you read these. A consequence of the witch hunt mentality foamented by John Walsh and his ilk not to detract from the usefullness of his fugitive search program but he has really done more harm than good. "He ended up really producing a generation of cautious and afraid kids who view all adults and strangers as a threat to them and it made parents extremely paranoid about the safety of their children," Mount Holyoke College sociologist and criminologist Richard Moran. When I say this I am reffering to their decietful image that they present about the prevalence of the so called "stranger danger" and hungry predator pedophiles and sex offender rates of reoffense. The atmosphere created has spawned laws that have kids on level 3 i.e. predator sex offense registries for consentual sex with their girl freinds, it has men on lifetime probation that involves horrendously onerous burdens and restrictions simply for looking at a few of the ubiquitously available pornographic images of minors, i.e. under 18 that is predominately self produced and self published. And it has people being forced from their homes for so called "sex crimes" that never involved any real victims. Also overblown is the notion of the incurable sex offender so that people who have not commited another crime in 20 or 30 years are now being evicted from their homes, kids in their teens and 20's being sentanced to 25 to life for failure to stay in complience with the strick sex offender registration guidlines even after being kicked out of their parents home. But also sad is the fear that people have of even looking at a persons kids for fear you will get some sort of accusatory look from the parents or someone else. It is insane. They Say they solved the walshed murder, this is also crap, they have no more evidence than they had in the 1980's they only floated this story in an effort to get the real killer if there is another to come out and take credit. It is a classic FBI trick I have read about in Books by FBI profilers.

A movie about a sex offender, The Woodsman (2004) Starring: Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick Director: Nicole Kassell

This the best appeal to sanity in whole witch hunt movement against those convicted of sex related offenses. Written Paul Shannon in the magazine CounterPunch and a collection of proffesional signatures to get the law changed.
July 10, 2007 It's Time to Reform Sex Offender Laws An Urgent Call to Support the Well-Being of Children and the Rights of Us All By PAUL SHANNON

Associated websight. There is some great reading on this page. See the personal stories sent in. They are truly scary. The one about the guy who was seen naked by the neigbor girls, wow what a scary world we live in when you read these stories you see that we have more to fear from false accusation and the crimminal justice system than from sex offenders. Since 93% of all sex offenses are commited by family or poeple well known to family, that should not be such a surprise.

A recent California Supreme Court Decision 11-19-2008 Finding that Jessica's Law and Zoning Restrictions placed upon Registered Sex Offenders increases penalties and stigma of the crime for which registration requierment is imposed. This decision my draw into question dictim held in In Re Alva stating that "mere registration" is not punitive for prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishment or ex post facto penalties over ruling In Re Reed that held such requierments in certain cases did constitute cruel and or unusual punishment.

This is an internet radio cast produced by "Rickies Mom" see Google sex offender, Ricky, It is about the Registrain as level III (the highst threat level) of teenagers for ncensual sex with their girlfriends. Also see Adam Walsh act and for this.

The following sights are all good places to learn about the realities of internet predation upon children. After an hour or so viewing some of their stories and comments pages something has emerged that I would like to clarify in my own opinion. Here. If you are going to have opionions on this issue it requires you to make distinctions between the so called sex offenses that sex offender label does not reveal and in many regards the law does not reflect.

Here is perverted justice. On youtube you will see them. And here is a link to an Entraptment appeals case that is very revealing in how law enforcement agencies can entice a person who shows no signs of seeking out child sex and present to him a completely novel scenario and ultimately lead to his down fall, when if they had just left him alone at 55 he probably never would have ever done anything illegal. Also see here for child-porn entrapment ploy This case makes you angry at police, I have no idea if perverted justice ever engages in this sort of conduct. After reading a number of their case records it doesn't appear that they need to. Alot of these guys they catch are so agressive that the decoy is able to act as though she doesnt even know where he is heading with his sexual suggestions. Really Perverted Justice gets some really really scary guys, but then since we don't have all the records we don't know what sort of bait they use on the dateline shows. Either way in the end these guys particularly the older ones make me so angry I couldn't care less what happens. The younger mnore naive ones I sometimes feel sorry for.
Perverted Justice
Wikipedia like sex offender exposure site
Absolute zero, anti-pedo site
Be very carefull how you read this sites intentions. These morons propose putting every person in the nation sex offender registries based upon a mandatory psuedomeasure of a persons pedo-phile arousal score. (Obtained by puttig a collar on your penis and subjecting you to sexually suggestive images of children.) They seem to be in general challenged numerically. Based upon the fact that 90% of new child molestation cases some from first time offenders, they suggest that we should pass a law makeing everyone take such a test and place them on the registry at some level of risk assesment the scale of which comes from actual sex offenders who have reoffended. They suggest that the only reason a person would refuse to take such a test would be fear of being exposed as a pedo-phile and accordingly (by their warped logic) if you refusue you will be assigned to the highest risk catagory. These people are retarded to say the least.
I applaud people who want to protect kids but I do not applaud insanity. Here is a link to the embiciles proposal, probably some idiot college student whos whole life is consumed by his own pedophilic yearnings. Just like Mark Foley and Neil Cohen, two pedophile legislators who worked extra hard to enact laws against pedophiles, it is becoming evident that those who pretend to be the most concerned with the laws are driven by their own demons.
This I think is a pedo site but it hasnt been working
anti-pedo site
anti-pedo site
anti-pedo blog
Here is a place where pj picks up on alot of these guys leads. Boychate be very careful about this site. I for one suspect police set people up I have been victim of this up to a point falling short of action but it was smuggled into a declaration in support of an arrest warrent so I admonish you that entering this site may facilitate any attempts by law enforcement to set you up. If you are a person fighting sex offender registration be carefull. Our government is populated with psycopaths who feel little empathy or compunction for the lies they tell or harm they inflict.

See my Youtube Collection Below

Youtube videos about sex offenders of various situations from law suits, vigilantees, stupid measures, kids lives ruined for teenage consentual sex as well as some produced by those seeking to end the sex offender witch hunt hysteria.

Each URL has video links for faster uploading.

Here is a page with more youtube videos, collected by citizens for chage.

Here is another sight with videos and articles about these things. This one is from Oklahoma on of the worse states when it comes to violating human dignity and imposing cruel and unusual punishments.

Be careful you 40 something Hessians you may have child porn in you vinal collection. Go here to see what it looks like.
I would give the address URL but knowing how stupid our laws have begun with the whole pedophile witch hunt, I will only tell you that the controversial album cover from the scorpians can be seen at wikipedia, google 'virgin killer scorpians' and you will see what I mean, it is my opinion that this album cover could get you a child porn possesion case and sex offender registration. What ever you do do not save the image to your files!
Why vigin Killer and not virginity killer? Virgin killers are usually making a sacrifice or something cultic. hmm go to the adress to see the answer. I think its B.S. I think they mean that they like to f virgins.

Women beaten by cops who turn off the camera for privacy. This is an example of why cops resist cameras and recording devices unless they are trying to trap someone in a crime. They are alot of stupid crimminals themselves.

Why We Should View Islam as worse than Pedophilia

Videos that expose the truth about the so called "three strikes law" in california. It really two strikes and a foul if you consider non-violent offenses a strike! Most doing 25 to life never commited a single violent crime. Polly Klasses grand father is indignant that they used his grandchilds murder to get this law passed. It is a good example of the erosion of the concept of "cruel and/or unusual punishments that will one day come to haunt all of us some way if we do not wake up.

I was totally taken by suprise that there were actually groups of proffessionals out there working to stop this insane erosion of our rights, and replacing them with traps that anyone can be pushed into very easily by someone interested in setting you up. Law enforcement, your ex-girl freind, your ex-wife seeking full cusostody of your kids. You name it.
When I was out distributing my protest flyers, I was set up by the Deputy District Attorney Nancy Kehoe and her parralegal assistant in order to obtain an arrest warrent. They made up a rediculous story in order to be able to get an arrest warrent for "distribution of obscene matter" when the knew that they had no "obscenity" in the legal sense, but they figured they could get a warrent and then an incompetant Public Defender would just tell me to plead out because he would not know the technical nuances of legal obscenity from the laymans definition since this is an esoteric subject and he won't have time to research it right there in court.
People are really being stupid when they allow law makers the power to act excessively. Excessive fines, excessive penalties! Think about it, a man can go twenty years without committing a single crime and need never have commited a single violent crime in his life and still get 25 years to life in prison for a misdemeanor offense. Three strikes was the biggest fraud ever commited against the people in this state. They made it look like the law was aimed at childmolesters and violent crimminals and in reality it was aimed at petty burglerers and shoplifters because thats the overwhelming majority of poeple doing 25 years under that law.

Read that article and you will become an instant expert on the subject of sex offender registration and the lies foisted on the public to make people think the laws were aimed at child molesters and rapists when in fact the very first people to be forced to register for life under them in 1947 were homosexuals like senetor Larry Craig, the "mens room queens" entrapped by police officers who go to parks with restrooms known to be where gay "hookups" happened and then pretend to be interested in hooking up, they then bust the guy and he became a life long "registered sex offedner." This went on for 25 years before the finally included child pornographers to the law. How is that for an argument that this law had nothing to do with the desire to protect children?
One other thing everyone should know.
Senetor Mark Foley has been discovered as a manipulative pedophile via emails he sent to a 16 year old paige. pedophile Foley is the key author to the "Adam Walsh act" which is the most onorous of all the laws, and was the fedral governments attempt to coerce all states into adopting Mark Foleys ideas by threatening to take away fedral funding.

if you search on appears to be something that can be done in many settings and ways in which it is completely divested of the 'sinister' hue imparted to it when done by certain other people in certain other places in which the cops get in involved particularly. There is so much porn on the internet,, catlist, and countless personal sights with webcams, it hardly makes sense to think that exhibitionism is offensive to people. It certainly does not hurt anyone, there is no legitimate basis for the mindless assumption that a naked man running through a park is going to hurt any children present. Nudity is nothing more than abscence of things humans made to cover their skin, if skin was so ugly then why do we want it in private? At anyrate It just irritates me when I hear people express their negatige oppinions about things people do that really is none of their buisiness. If a man wants to run naked through a field or down a street then let him and get over your own obsession with controling other people.